Increasing Communication

“The world probably doesn’t need another blog”… this was the first response I gave myself when I thought about starting this.  After all, there is an abundance of educational technology blogs, instructional design blogs, learning management system blogs, and various other related content blogs.  In fact, I have started a couple such blogs and have run a personal blog (now seemingly defunct due to negligence, FB, and Twitter) for several years.  So what’s the purpose of this one?

This blog is specifically focused on the Distributed Learning efforts at Fuller Seminary.  While access to the blog will be public – and anyone is welcome to comment – my audience will be the faculty, students, and staff of Fuller Seminary.  I really feel the need to increase communication with various Fuller folks and my hope is that this blog will reach that goal.   We will share news about what’s happening at Fuller from the DL office, to explore ideas about teaching and learning online, to share research topics in the educational technology field as we apply them to theological education, and general updates with Moodle and whatever else is rolling around the minds of the creative team we have here in the DL office.

My name’s Kevin and I get the privilege of serving with the DL team for the purpose of increasing our effective use of technology in our teaching and learning experiences at Fuller.  I will share thoughts, ideas, and research from many people on my team and otherwise, but most posts will be initiated by me.  So, this blog will be casual in tone and nature because I really want to focus on communicating ideas, and not worry too much about formal writing.  And, I’m leaving the comment feature on, so let the fun begin!

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