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Spring 2011 Moodle courses

The course shells for the spring 2011 term are now available in Moodle. This means you can begin building your spring courses and setting up the eReserves block.  Here are a couple points to keep in mind about Moodle at … Continue reading

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Intro to eReserves

I asked Matt Lumpkin if he would be willing to do a short intro video to eReserves for our faculty development course.  He said “sure!”  No hesitation.  I like that. So yesterday we shot this short video on his iPhone. … Continue reading

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Sensemaking and teaching online

  Over the years of working with faculty to create and teach online courses, I’ve observed an interesting ‘phenomenon’.  I use the word phenomenon because faculty members rarely talk about it (especially amongst themselves), yet, almost all experience it.  It’s … Continue reading

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Do you treat your students equally?

Ever had a class that made you feel like most of the animals above, except the monkey?  The great thing about technology in education is that it allows for creativity and flexibility to increase student opportunity to learn and show … Continue reading

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Time demands for teaching online

One thing that will produce frustration and anxiety in the professor making the leap to developing and teaching an online course is trying to determine how much time it will take to teach online.  A second anxiety-producer is the answer … Continue reading

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New faculty development course up and running

We kicked off our 3rd faculty development course this week with 25 new participants.  That makes a total of 66 faculty members we have worked with in less than a year! This course is an interesting one because we’re attempting … Continue reading

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Meet the DL team: Brenda Chan

I’m the Program Manager for IDL courses and Analyst for DL.  Born and raised in Hong Kong, I used to spell “airplane” as “aeroplane”, “diagram” as “diagramme”, “aluminum” as “aluminium”, and “honor” as “honour.”  Spending 20 years in the States … Continue reading

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