Online learning outcomes vs. F2F learning outcomes

The debate about which is better, online or face-to-face learning, continues to churn (and I think it’s helpful to distinguish between teaching and learning!).  I really don’t think it’s a helpful conversation to have because my position is that both can be very good and can be very effective, rather than putting one against the other.  But we can’t assume a course is better than any other just because it is offered one way or another.

Here’s an interesting summary from 2009 (and link to the report) of research from the DOE, saying:

“The meta analysis showed that “blended” instruction – combining elements of online and face-to-face instruction – had a larger advantage relative to purely face to face instruction or instruction conducted wholly online. The analysis also showed that the instruction conducted wholly on line was more effective in improving student achievement than the purely face to face instruction.”

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