Meet the DL team: Brenda Chan

I’m the Program Manager for IDL courses and Analyst for DL.  Born and raised in Hong Kong, I used to spell “airplane” as “aeroplane”, “diagram” as “diagramme”, “aluminum” as “aluminium”, and “honor” as “honour.”  Spending 20 years in the States helps me to blend in to the big melting pot of American culture.  However, the mixed Chinese, British and American cultures still confuse me at times.

I love traveling and sightseeing.  My husband and I plan a small trip and go visit a new place for my birthday every year.  Going back to Hong Kong to spend time with family during Chinese New Year has become a tradition of ours, too.  We attend the Chinese United Methodist Church in Chinatown, Los Angeles and serve in Christian Education and worship ministries.

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One Response to Meet the DL team: Brenda Chan

  1. Deborah Flagg says:

    Brenda, I’m so glad that an aluminium aeroplane brought you here. It is an honour to work with you!

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