New faculty development course up and running

We kicked off our 3rd faculty development course this week with 25 new participants.  That makes a total of 66 faculty members we have worked with in less than a year!

This course is an interesting one because we’re attempting to teach faculty how to use Moodle, a skill that’s fairly straightforward, and we’re trying to help many of them begin the paradigm shift required for teaching online.

The pedagogical shift is where my passion lies, but you can’t do one without the other.  So, we try to squeeze it all in.  In 4 weeks.  All online.  All asynchronous.  Whew… It’s not easy, especially for the faculty members.  I think many of them finish the course wondering what just happened!  But we’ve also heard from many who understand how to begin designing and developing their online course.  Although I have some on-going tinkering to do with it, this course seems to be accomplishing what it was designed to do: give a foundational understanding for creating an engaging and transformational online course and the space and knowledge to begin the process.  That’s really all this course is – a beginning.  I know many people want the complete package in 4 weeks, but teaching and learning how to teach (in any format) doesn’t happen in a lifetime (does it?) – much less 4 weeks.

It’s a difficult, but exciting process and I enjoy being part of it.  I also enjoy learning from all of the seasoned faculty members!  Fuller‘s faculty members are true scholars pursuing God.  They’ve been in the classroom for years, if not decades, and they bring all of that to the online class.  I can’t think of any better place to be!

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