Spring 2011 Moodle courses

The course shells for the spring 2011 term are now available in Moodle. This means you can begin building your spring courses and setting up the eReserves block.  Here are a couple points to keep in mind about Moodle at Fuller:

  • When a faculty person is entered as the Instructor for a course in Banner (in the Registrar’s office), that course will be placed on that faculty member’s Moodle account.
  • Courses in Moodle are now visible to faculty members by default, and they are placed in the term in which the course is offered according to Banner.  Faculty assistants no longer need to move Moodle courses to the appropriate category to make the courses visible.
  • Moodle courses are unavailable to enrolled students until the faculty person makes the course available.  To do this, click on the Settings link in the Administration block, scroll down to “Availability” and change setting to “This course is available to students.”
  • All enrollments into Moodle now come from Banner.  Thus, students are prohibited from enrolling themselves in a Moodle course, so there is no longer a need to use the enrollment key feature to keep “unwanted” visitors out of your Moodle course.
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