Presentation software

Alot of us in education don’t really think about the presentation software we use.  We automatically open PowerPoint.  That’s it.  What else is needed?

Well, PowerPoint is a great tool.  You can do alot with it and, perhaps most beneficial of all, it is becoming more and more ubiquitious.  Most people at least have access to PowerPoint.  But, there are other options.  In fact, many people – especially outside education – are in a post-PowerPoint world.  Other Web 2.0 tools are quickly taking front seat when presentations are needed.

One option that is gaining more traction among educators is a tool called Prezi.  I started playing with and using Prezi about three years ago and have encouraged my staff to learn it as well.  The best way to describe it is that it is a non-linear presentation tool.  Once you start using it you will realize the extent to which PowerPoint has trained us to think about presenting information.  Slide. By. Slide. By. Slide.  Prezi breaks you out of that mold altogether.  I encourage you to try it by signing up for a free account here.  Also, here’s a good comparison chart by Chris Clark, at Notre Dame’s Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning.

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