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The Classroom is “Distance Learning”…

I found these two articles today and thought they were worth passing along for thought and discussion. This article has an interesting perspective about how current education models are built around previously available technology and physical space.  Along the same lines, … Continue reading

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Twitter in education

This blog post is a rather long, but good, response to Bill Keller‘s complaining about Twitter in today’s culture.  I think the author addresses some great issues underlying Twitter’s purpose and value, but more than anything I want to highlight … Continue reading

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Principles of Instruction

Curt Bonk put up a list he titled, “Bonk’s Last Principles of Instruction“.  These aren’t necessarily geared for online learning, but I think they all apply nicely.  I might rearrange a couple of items, but overall they fit.  What do … Continue reading

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Can [my course] really be taught online?

This is not an atypical question in my line of work.  More often than not, I’m invited to a meeting where people expect me to prove that any given course can be taught online.  And it’s usually assumed that whatever … Continue reading

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Khan Academy

I assume most people know about the Khan Academy.  If not, read this.  And, if you’re involved with traditional Seminary education, Sal’s FAQ page should make you think long and hard about the future.

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“Why do we keep trying to cover the field when we can honor the stuff of the discipline more profoundly by teaching less of it at a deeper level?” – Parker Palmer

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