Twitter in education

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is a rather long, but good, response to Bill Keller‘s complaining about Twitter in today’s culture.  I think the author addresses some great issues underlying Twitter’s purpose and value, but more than anything I want to highlight something mentioned as a side-note.

The author says, “at its best, Twitter is not a broadcast medium but a medium of conversation.”  That’s exactly right!  And, what makes it even more poignant to me is that I see educators who regularly think about it in exactly that way… a broadcast medium!

If it is true, that Twitter is a conversation medium, why wouldn’t it work as an education medium, too?  In the classroom?  In an online class?  And I’m not thinking about using it in addition to what already happens in the classroom, but actually using Twitter in place of other kinds of learning activities – even lecture!  What do you think?  Is it possible?  Are you using Twitter this way?  Do you want to try?

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One Response to Twitter in education

  1. Chris says:

    The recent magl cohort started their own hashtag to share thoughts about their course with each other.!/search/%23fullermagl this was started by the students (if you follow the link yo can probably guess who suggested it).

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