Online courses, and Moodle, and Pedagogy… Oh my!!

One of our brilliant instructional designers shared with me an experience he recently had with one of Fuller’s brilliant faculty members.  It went a little something like this:

Faculty member:  I want to do [this] in my course, how do I do that with Moodle?
ID:  Well, you can do [this] in this way.  But, if I were teaching your course, I would scrap [this] and instead do [that].
Faculty member:  Oh, yeah!  I like that!  Hey, wait… how do you know this stuff?
ID:  Well, I’m trained in teaching and have a graduate degree in the field.

This is a common scenario in an educational technologist person’s life.  We’re typically seen as the “Moodle people”.  Those who know how to set up online courses, push the correct buttons, and set the right settings.

Oh, but we’re so much more!!  At Fuller, our Instructional Designers have graduate degrees in fields of teaching, curriculum and instruction, and educational technologies.  We even have an Online Coach with a decade of experience developing and supporting online courses.  We have a pretty good idea about the online teaching and learning experience, which is more than just setting up your Moodle course well.

We will never tell you what to do, but we may be able to offer suggestions about teaching in new ways that engage your students more effectively through new mediums.  And, we also know Moodle!  🙂

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One Response to Online courses, and Moodle, and Pedagogy… Oh my!!

  1. Rich Erickson says:

    I can readily testify that this is absolutely true.

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