Teach naked!

I like and agree with most of this:  http://bcove.me/wocl0ygj

How about you?  What do you think?

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“May I be excused…”

Gary Larson always strikes a chord on various levels with his Far Side cartoons, but this one grows more poignant for me the more I work with students and faculty.  (Besides, how can you go wrong with such an aptly named teacher – though misspelled??)

Certainly not because all, maybe not even most, faculty approach teaching this way – the dreaded “data dump” or “covering content”.  I always hope faculty don’t approach teaching from the perspective of filling the empty heads of students.  But based on what I see at many institutions and in the research coming from T&L, the majority of classes taught in higher ed begin with this perspective at the fore front of the course design process.  And, of course, this cartoon articulates the learner’s perspective from a “data dump” class environment.


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“Teaching teaching, understanding understanding?


If you are a faculty member concerned with whether or not your students are actually learning, this is a 19-minute video that’s worth your time .   No matter where we teach (F2F or online) , if we want to be effective we must know how people learn – and adjust our instruction accordingly!

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“I think that we, as theological school faculty, have been so caught up in the modernist educational paradigm of “covering the field” that we are afraid to remember that all we can do is support our students’ learning, we cannot control it.” – Mary E. Hess

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Moodle Moot West Coast

Moodle Moot 2011
Scott Sternberg
is at Moodle Moot West Coast this week learning what’s new with Moodle to help guide us as we continue our transition completely over to Moodle at Fuller.

He’s tweeting the conference live this week, you can follow him at @Sternyland to see what’s happening with Moodle.

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The debate goes on…

Well said, Diane! Well said.

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Elements of formation – what are they?

A characteristic important to Christian-oriented higher education institutions, specifically seminary education, is formation. One of the goals and/or purposes of seminary education is to help guide who the student becomes through the learning experiences they have to support the call God has placed on that person’s life for His mission in the world.

As with most facets of teaching and learning online, formation is scrutinized closely in online classes and programs to be sure whatever “it” is, is happening there too.  So, this begs the question: what elements of formation happen in a face-to-face environment that should also happen in an online environment?  I really want to hear from you… Can you name or describe an act that happens in class that leads to formation?

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